Understanding the Age of Aquarius

By on February 7th, 2023 in Spiritual Insights

We have come to the age of Aquarius where information is everywhere, truth is freely found, and awareness of God as the source of All Things is becoming more commonplace. With this new age comes a duality in which misinformation, self-doubt, and fear can be seen alongside hope, connection, and truth. This blog post will explore how we can use this energy to our advantage in understanding our power within, recognizing our ability to create personally meaningful destinies, and manifesting true change in the world.

The Age of Aquarius is an era of heightened awareness and consciousness.

We are living in an incredibly unique time, the Age of Aquarius. We now have access to a vast amount of information. This information is allowing us to make sense of our reality. We are undergoing a transition from unconscious living to being more aware and conscious about our actions and thoughts. We are waking up to the awareness that everything is made of vibration and that we are a magnet for what frequency we choose. We can manifest our dreams and desires when we harmonize our conscious and subconscious frequencies together by understanding ourselves better than before. All the support required for this manifestation will come to us if we try hard enough, allowing us to make the most out of the time in which we live.

Connecting to God

At its core, the Age of Aquarius encourages us to connect with God at a deeper level—one that allows us to recognize that we are one with God. This includes understanding how we can tap into our inner power when it comes to creating our own destinies. It means recognizing that although life might present us with difficult circumstances or limitations imposed by others, we always have control over how we choose to respond to them. Connecting to God helps us find solace in trusting that no matter what happens in life; everything will ultimately work out for our highest good.

Because all things are connected to God, and we have the power within us to create our own destinies.

When we wake up to the interconnection between all things and the awareness of the “web of life”, we come to understanding that when all physical things belong to the Earth Mother and all energy is animated by the Great Spirit, we can move in a place of harmony with all things. We are united as one being where all things are the same. We can communicate without words, but through our thoughts and energies, and when we collaborate together, it will result in a harmonious system and wake up this unified spirit within ourselves. Therefore, when we hold dissonance with ourselves and spread it throughout the world just like cancer within our bodies, then that is when destructions arises. If however, we were in harmony with both our inner self as well as our outer world, a path to wholeness would follow suit.

Oppression and Fear-Based Control

In addition to connecting with God for courage and guidance on our personal journeys, it is also important to recognize how oppression works within society as a whole. In many cases, fear-based control is used by those in power as a way of maintaining domination over others. This type of control creates an environment where people feel powerless and unable to make lasting changes in their lives or the world around them. By recognizing this dynamic at play within society—and uniting together against it—we can take an active role in dismantling oppressive structures that keep people from living empowered lives.

Duality exists as a polarity between the slave and ascended master, with those in control using fear as a tool for domination.

Duality exists when we understand the dual-poled nature of consciousness that exists within all things. On one end is the slave who is subject to their oppressors, believing fear-based lies and misinformation; it is easier for them to exist when there is an external force telling them what to do. On the other end is the ascended master who takes responsibility and full potential of their own power and chooses when to step into a higher vibrations despite overcoming doubt and fear. When we are conscious of this dichotomy, we can take notice when those in control use fear as a tool for domination and stand against it by taking back power previously given away. When communities unite on this premise, they become capable of creating the new world through responsible manifesting with energies such as love, appreciation, courage and faith rather than shame, judgment and guilt.

Manifesting True Change

The energy of Aquarius encourages us all to use our collective power for positive change. By fully tapping into what this new era brings about for humanity—from heightened awareness and greater understanding of one another’s needs—we are able to create a more equitable future for everyone involved. The more we open ourselves up to embracing differences between individuals while still seeing each other as part of one unified community, the greater impact we can make on manifesting true change throughout society both locally and globally.

It is only through connection that we can overcome this oppression and manifest true change in the world.

In an age where truth is freely found and awareness of “God is all things” realized, it is clear that because oppression works through separation, the only way we can truly manifest change in our world is by coming together. We must stop pointing the finger at the oppressor because we are all connected- part of us wanted to be oppressed because a part of us wanted to blame the world for where we are. We must realize that we are all both hero and villain in this story, but blaming each other and bypassing responsibility will not take us further, instead we should take responsibility for our actions and choose another path. Only then will there be true connection and healing in our world.

In Conclusion

The Age of Aquarius has brought about an awakening like no other time before it; an awakening full of potential that needs nurturing through understanding and acceptance if it’s going to reach its fullest potential. Through connecting with God’s energy within ourselves as well as each other through love and compassion, we can create powerful changes for humanity and move toward a brighter future for all beings on Earth. It’s time now more than ever before for us all unite together under one shared purpose: creating lasting peace through higher consciousness understanding!

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