The Plague of Modern Society

By on February 8th, 2023 in Spiritual Insights

Shame, Judgment, Guilt

The plague of modern society is the energies of shame, judgment and guilt. They shut us down and cause us to project onto others. When you give ourselves permission to feel all of what you are feeling without running blaming. Or covering it up with other feelings. You allow the emotions to move through with out repression, they no longer get stuck in your bodies. Keeping us out of the trap of the creation of stories in the mind, we now take our power back. Our Power to feel And our Power to release the feeling. We see our selves fully or at least start to. The Reality is all emotions, just as all children want to be seen, loved and heard.

Heed the Call to Rise Above

We are called to create or hold space for all things in life as all things are god. First we are called to do this internally by giving ourselves permission to feel all we are feeling. When we do this we start to understand more and more what we are what our baseline is and how to come back to that baseline so that we are not feeling stuck and powerless to the emotional waterfall of feelings which are always present, we learn how to become the calm through the storm, we learn to stay grounded through it all and we give permission for others to feel and express how they feel as it will not cause us to lose our center.

Holding Space

We create a safe space for all emotions to be felt and released. When we do this we open up our hearts and really start to feel connected to the gifts of life, love and joy that are available in every moment. When we can do this with ourselves we can do it with others as well and start to remember how truly connected we are. For these feelings of disconnection in our self cause dissonance in the world around us. So when we grow stronger in our self acceptance and understanding of who we are at our core. We gain what is required for us to come back home.

Together, by giving each other permission to feel all that is present within us, by creating a loving presence free from judgment where truth can be shared without fear or shame, we can become more fully alive and empowered in the world.

Harmony With All Beings

Searching for the purest form of love, acceptance and connection within starts with self-love. Every emotion that arises, no matter how unpleasant it may seem at first, is a messenger of truth. These energies need to be heard in order to be released and let them go. Taking time to listen to our inner voice. As well as all the feelings we experience. This helps us to move closer towards wholehearted living. Here is where we can feel deeply connected to ourselves, each other and the world around us. It takes courage, compassion, permission and unconditional love from ourselves to embody wellness which radiates out into everything we do. Let’s practice self-care rituals that allow us to release all emotional blockages. Because we all deserve to come back home to our true selves.

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