By on November 25th, 2018 in Spiritual Insights

This website is dedicated to the awareness and understanding of life and the spiritual energies that vibrate our physical reality. To bring methods and tools to all that are ready to receive healing, gain personal empowerment, and external prosperity.  Every being deserves joy, happiness, health and prosperity. Yogi Bhajan says that poverty is a mental sickness. The word Prosperity its self comes from the roots. Pro Spirit. When we are with spirit we are connected to the divine flow.  When we are filled with Spirit an in the flow state all things are provided to use, our ability to draw in & manifest what we need as well as intuitively know what we are to do in our daily life is drastically increased.  It is connection and self awareness that brings in Inner Peace, Physical Healing, and Outer Prosperity.

In actuality Garden of Eden is a space we cultivate in the physical body, and lands that we lay our head and place our feet.  Our Physical Body being the Temple of our Spirit. Heaven and Hell to a Yogi is a place in our minds which we cultivate in this life. In Shamanism We see this Duality as the light and the dark the two wolves that we choose to feed with every thought, word and action.  Yoga and shamanism give us a way to step out of the human condition, to connect to our highest self which is connected to all other beings as they are all part of Great Spirit and the Great Mystery.  Yogis believe we are all one soul experiencing life through different eyes and to see through this illusion of life, to see through a clear set of eyes and see the true reality takes focused energy.  Focusing our energy to step out of the shadow and in to conscious awareness of our interactions with the rest of the world which is ourself in the macro sense.  Through our personal practice we raise our kundalini energy, bringing physical light energy in to our cerebral spinal fluid, helping us to think in higher spaces of consciousness.  What is known as Enlightenment,  able to express clearer and higher vibrational thought waves to help us step into our Dharma, clear our Karmas, and receiving through a clear filter and project through and open heart.

Shamanism works to clear the same paths and create new connections with that of the Spirits of the plant, animals, the land, and our ancestors.  This web site is a place of light and knowledge where as to build these connections and learn self empowerment technologies. When we build our personal connection to Spirit it helps us to build a stronger connection to community.  This is a place to learn your true potential and the powers you have been given at birth as well has how to consciously share with the world around.