The work we are here to do is to not only give but to receive.

Stepping out of the separation and seeing that we are all God with no divide, All Divine.

Karma is the glue that pulls us back into the body so that we engage in the experience, to remember. Remember there is no divide. That we are Divine light. All animated by the same source.

As someone who has experienced a lot of emotional pain in my past, like many others in this boat, I have tried to help people from going through what we have. We don’t want people to hurt, so we give ourselves to others in an effort save or protect them. But the catch twenty two is it does not help them in the long term. The action has the potential to bring more pain in your life, as people become reliant on you and the energy is not sustainable for you to give in this way.

This has to do with the root cause of the giving. We in these situations are giving out of a place of fear. Fear that our story will be their story. We are in our story and that story is built around fear and insecurity. We then project our story onto the other person feeling they will stumble and fall the way we fell. Scared they will perceive them selves as a victim to life. We do not want them to feel that way. So what do we do? We enable them to avoid their experiences. Do to our story rooted outside of love we try to help and call it love because we do not belief they are strong enough to handle their karma and remember they are God. They are love and they can handle all that is brought to them at the time. Scared to hurt them in the short term with our boundaries which should be based around our own self love. When we do not hold healthy boundaries with people the action is due to our subconscious fear of us not receiving love from them. If we do not give them what they want in the moment they might withhold their love from us.

We lose faith in the other persons ability to remember that they are God and are capable of all things. Made of limitless creative potential. We have lost faith in our self. If we set healthy boundaries they may no longer love us. In reality we are doing them a disservice. If we do not give someone the opportunity to adjust and grow we are holding them back from an experience to learn and find themselves, as well as hurting ourselves in the process.

The reason I bring this up, is I find it deeply connected to our ability to receive.
As we are all learning how to share, give, and receive love from a place of center and knowing that we are always complete and we are always loved. This awareness and knowing comes from the deepest part of our insides. Unfortunately the paradox is the inside is shaped by the outside worlds. This is the Vicious cycle that we are in. Our society does not support community connection, loving words of affirmation opening sharing and expressing love. We look to our parents from birth to show us how to transfer love in healthy ways but if they were not taught it how are we to learn? If we are not taught to communicate our feelings and process life experiences how are we to navigate the pain passed on from other kids or coworkers? You see we are all subconsciously reaching out for the divine feminine to nurture us, and the divine masculine to focus us through healthy boundaries.

I have learned very well how to manifest things in this world. But I in the past I have not always fully receive the blessings that I manifested. I would draw them in, seeing them in front of me, but then would in some way self sabotage from fully stepping into those blessings. This was not all the time. I saw it linked to manifestations that I perceived to be on a vibratory level above the one I was on at the time. This was a dilution of the mind a story that separates me from my power that expressed levels and divides so that I was not worthy of reaching. Letting go of the stories and surrendering to the flow I know I am worthy of all the love and prosperity.

I was just talking to a new work associate about this very thing the other day. He was experiencing the same issues. While processing through these blockages. It all comes down to Self Worth. The remembering that we are God. You in your deepest depths are the same God that everyone else is. No one is better then others some are just more open to remembering this. Seeing this correlation with our ability to receive the support and help that is offered to us by our selves in the bodies of other people, as well as what I was writing about earlier in our need to help others from a place outside of center. When we are in our center we are fully able to give from our highest only what is sustainable. We are able to set boundaries that are healthy so that others can allow their own process to shape and support their journey. We are able to receive all that we are worthy of having. Love support prosperity and abundance.

I look at my ability to receive complements. How often was I able to fully let them set in. How often was I able to be seen for the light that I am, and how often would I follow up the complement with a complement back or deflect from it brushing it off, thinking I was being humble. That was just another story. A story based around fear. Fears I had around taking off this coat of pain that I had warn for so long. That had served me for the time I had warn it, but now no longer does. We all wear or have worn a coat or a mask, or have engaged in distractions of some kind. And what I have come to realize it is all based around fear. Fear of the responsibility of stepping fully into and embodying the light that is our birthright. It is much easier to blame away why things are not manifesting or why someone did something to you rather then looking at your self and fully loving yourself for all of you. The pain, insecurities, and fear. We need to remember that all of it is love. It has just been distorted from its purest vibration.

It is OK to receive love, help, support, words of encouragement, and say thank you and basque in the energy. You deserve it. You are worthy of it. If you where not the action or words would not be there. Sit with the energy and say thank you to the mirror of you that is giving you the love, thank you self you are doing it and it is seen. You are a blessing and notice your work, notice your accomplishments, notice your light because others are noticing it enough to remind you of it.

Really seeing these mirrors. Seeing that healthy boundaries and giving from a place of love is tied to our ability to receive help, support, love, and encouragement which are all linked to our own connection to our personal power. Our awareness and remembrance that we are God. We are pure light and even our shadow is light. Being fully aware that the karmic cycle is a tool to bring in more experiences to help us remember when when we forget but it is something that can be transcended and left behind.

In remembering that we are pure light and that we are fully supported by this light inside ourselves and all around us we can fully surrender to the flow of love. Trust and follow the flow and share love from a place of love, stepping out of the crippling grasp of fear. This will start to dissolve our karmic cycle. Liberation of the soul from the self imposed shackles of the density of the physical dimensional. We are then be given energetic wings to fly. We no longer need the opportunities to remember because we stopped the process of forgetting.

This does not mean that we will be perfect at everything we do. Or that we will not make missteps. But that we are always guided to the light by the light surrounded by light. And the shadow is light in wolves cloths there to guide you down a path of remembering. Fear is your friend. Not something to run from but something to run towards for it is showing you what we need to experience to reach the next level of our self. A deeper remembrance and engagement of your power and presence in this life. For we have an important roll in healing the collective and supporting the Alchemy of the world. To support the world we must except the support back. Loving ourselves to receive so that we can fully give and share.

My personal practice to share with all of you beautiful beings is to sit in your perfect yogic posture, with a straight spin, open heart, shoulders down the back.

Bring your left hand into a cup shape as if you were holding water in your hand from spilling out. Bringing it in-front of your navel center palm facing up.
Bring your right hand in front of your heart connecting the tip of your thump to the tip of your ring and middle finger.

Close your eyes and focus on your third eye point.

Mantra or affirmation
I am love, open to receive the bounties of the universe as there is no separate from them and me.

If fear starts to step in meet it with love and allow it to feel your presents in your posture. Upright and erect and ready to receive all with out wavering.

Your left hand is your receiving hand. By placing it in a cupped shape in front of your navel you are holding the body Mudra that you are ready open and willing to fully receive.
Your navel center is your connection to your inner universe, and it’s connection to the external universe. So all personal power flows from the navel center and all connections happen at the navel center.

Your right hand in Apana mudra, “is good for mental or physical digestion and for eliminating waste material from the body. This gesture may also be a form of aiding in mental and emotional digestion when applied to “evil” (Chopra center website).” Your thumb is your ego, your ring finger carries the energy of the sun and your middle finger carries the energy of Saturn. When we bring them together in Apana Mudra we are able to use the power of the sun to move through the hard lessons of Saturn with the grace empowering our ego to take the highest vibrational path available to us at the moment.

By placing this Mudra in front of our heart we are able to cut through the density that blocks us from leading from our heart and sharing love from our center. Creating authentic connections and sustainable energy exchanges.

Receiving from a place of grounded supported space while navigating life with your heart leading the way cutting through the density with Apana Mudra will carry you on a cloud of love and support allowing the mind to be at ease releasing judgement and fear. Fully open to follow the flow of love and receive the support you need to fulfill the contracts you made before to entered this world.

Recommendation to sit with this for at least 7 mins as long as 2.5 hours.

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Contemplating duality in life is one of the trapping of this world. That is because duality is black and white and what we are are many shades of gray. As a healer, as a teacher, as a community leader, as a father, and as a partner how do I/we continue to hold space for our highest self and for the rest of our self. How do we hold space for the people around us with out being a door mat or giving to much of ourself out to help them on there path through their suffering.

The Buddha says that if we are feeling anything other then joy we must sit with our emotions. We must sit with our suffering to experience and learn, because when we avoid suffering how are we to learn.

I have always been one to touch the fire to see if it is hot. Sometimes I have to touch it two or three times to have it sink in that it is hot. I have always marched to my own drum and thought for my self. This was frowned upon in school and in my family unit, being labeled the black sheep being the problem child.

So much of our society is developed and strives off of suppressing and labeling the spirit of the free thinker or the black sheep. Society labels them add, adhd, bipolar etc etc making them feel broken to reduce their spirit.
Something that I have taken away from being a kundalini yogi is the idea of encouraging the voices of the youth. So many times we tell them to be Quiet or sit down and to stop doing …. Guru Singh says that as children we learn to talk and then we are taught to shut down our voice. Our voice and spirit is so strong and we must encourage it to be expressed as opposed to breaking it down or smother it out.

So bringing this together, being someone that needs to experience for my own. Having to come to the understanding that and from self experimenting sometimes leads to failure. Combined with a family that thought that they knew better then me, that their way was the only way, as well as casting judgement on everything I did outside of the grain of their existence caused me great fear that I was broken that I was doing something wrong. Caused me to question my own spirit.

Listening to the words of Jai-jagdeesh’s song “13 times”, brings me peace and makes me feel whole in my journey and honoring my selves need to be me.

“If you give me a dozen tries, I will take thirteen times to get it.
That’s just the way I am.
I might follow your advice probably not until i have learned the lesson with my own hands.

I want to grow all alone so I can feel it in my bones. I got to fall and skin my knees so to know what I’ll when I bleed and I know you want me to be my self so you got to let me be, let me be me!!”

I won’t grow if don’t know

I don’t know what I don’t know

And I won’t know what I don’t know if I don’t let it go and let it in.

And if grow the way the tree grow and if flow the way the breeze blows i will be strong I will be free and I will be fine.

Bringing this in to the work I am presently focusing on is how do I support with out enabling. Enabling the shadow in my vessel, enabling my children, enabling the ones around me that I love. We enable people in an effort to help them avoid feeling the pains that we felt, we has empathic humans want to help relieve suffering. When we do this what comes from it unfortunately is delayed suffering, and sometimes more pain then if we would just hold space for the pain to surface organically. Going back to the teaching of the Buddha. We all must sit with our own suffering so that we can let it move through us. If we avoid it, it comes back larger and louder.

A wise man once said, God never gives us more burdens then we can handle carrying ourselves. A recent study I read from a Doctor who looked at grief, pain and lose in people, found that words do not help in the ways you would think. That people do not need you to tell them to pull it together for the kids or what they can do to fix what they are going through. People don’t need you to build them up as much as they just need you to be present with them. A healing hug a shoulder to cry on a gaze in to each others eyes into each others souls so that they know that your soul is with them. Unless they ask for words or option just sitting with them, with an open heart of compassion and love is more then words could ever be. Allow them to know they are not alone in there suffering. Every thing we experience is from our own eyes of perception. And everyone’s perspective on there suffering could believe that their suffering is the most intense suffering in the world because to them it probably feels that ways. As a healer as a parent as a partner we are called to anchor into our experience and vibrate our ability to allow the suffering to bring the teachings we are to receive from shadow while letting the density of shadow to be behind us and not swallow us whole. To know that what ever a person gets into they are strong enough to handle it. The flowers continue to grow to the light of the sun with our care or concern of the winds or the rain or the snow. We are called as humans to continue our growth back to the light without fears of failure or broken branches or dead ends as all paths lead back to the light and love of spirit. We hold this vibration in our selves and we hold it for others when they are going through their suffering so that they know that they are not alone that every one makes mistakes everyone falls and scrapes their knees this is so we can pick our selves up and see what we do when then pain sets in. To find our own power. This does not mean we are alone. Community Is support with out being a crutch. Community is connection to understanding and empathy above removing and relieving suffering.

Everyone needs to go through their own pain to find their own joy. And with our shadow we would not appreciate light.

I pray for all in suffering that we have prospective that our pain in no heavier or denser then anyone else’s pain as it is our level of pain at the time for our growth. That we embrace the pain and suffering so that we can find our own inner joy. I pray for all out their seeing others in their suffering that we hold space for the persons experiencing the pain and send love and light in the way of presence, compassion, and in community connection while still allowing them to work through their journey back to space of joy so that one day soon we can all live in a space of joy and grace with the least amount of suffering to work out as a collective.

Spirit is here these days,
Bringing all shadows up to reunite with the light in different ways.
Some lessons soft some lesson hard
But all are meant to spark our hearts
Casting blame or dumping weight on others does not help, but to avoid the truths.
The truths of needing to stand in a brighter, stronger, child like you.

This website is dedicated to the awareness and understanding of life and the spiritual energies that vibrate our physical reality. To bring methods and tools to all that are ready to receive healing, gain personal empowerment, and external prosperity.  Every being deserves joy, happiness, health and prosperity. Yogi Bhajan says that poverty is a mental sickness. The word Prosperity its self comes from the roots. Pro Spirit. When we are with spirit we are connected to the divine flow.  When we are filled with Spirit an in the flow state all things are provided to use, our ability to draw in & manifest what we need as well as intuitively know what we are to do in our daily life is drastically increased.  It is connection and self awareness that brings in Inner Peace, Physical Healing, and Outer Prosperity.

In actuality Garden of Eden is a space we cultivate in the physical body, and lands that we lay our head and place our feet.  Our Physical Body being the Temple of our Spirit. Heaven and Hell to a Yogi is a place in our minds which we cultivate in this life. In Shamanism We see this Duality as the light and the dark the two wolves that we choose to feed with every thought, word and action.  Yoga and shamanism give us a way to step out of the human condition, to connect to our highest self which is connected to all other beings as they are all part of Great Spirit and the Great Mystery.  Yogis believe we are all one soul experiencing life through different eyes and to see through this illusion of life, to see through a clear set of eyes and see the true reality takes focused energy.  Focusing our energy to step out of the shadow and in to conscious awareness of our interactions with the rest of the world which is ourself in the macro sense.  Through our personal practice we raise our kundalini energy, bringing physical light energy in to our cerebral spinal fluid, helping us to think in higher spaces of consciousness.  What is known as Enlightenment,  able to express clearer and higher vibrational thought waves to help us step into our Dharma, clear our Karmas, and receiving through a clear filter and project through and open heart.

Shamanism works to clear the same paths and create new connections with that of the Spirits of the plant, animals, the land, and our ancestors.  This web site is a place of light and knowledge where as to build these connections and learn self empowerment technologies. When we build our personal connection to Spirit it helps us to build a stronger connection to community.  This is a place to learn your true potential and the powers you have been given at birth as well has how to consciously share with the world around.

Yoga and Shamanism are one in the same.  Both are ways of diving deep within the self allowing one to connect to the source of all life. Yoga is a technology used to align the body, open & focus the three minds, and connect the energies within, with those outside and around us. Similarly shamanism  creates a sensitivity and connection to ones energy with the energies and the wisdom of the elements, our ancestors, and the spirits of the plants and animals.  Both paths provide a way of connecting and communicating with the subtleties of life, bringing a mindful awareness of our space and the space around.