Through life most of us want to get the most out of living, yet life does not always seem like it is in our favor,  fate has a way of making it look like it is trying to hold us back from living our best life. Yet really what it is doing is refining us […]

So often we think of love as something that needs to be earned, whether it’s self-love or love from others. We put conditions on it by saying things like, “I’ll love myself when I lose 10 pounds” or “I’ll love myself when I get that promotion.” The truth is, love is an unconditional state of […]

Shame, Judgment, Guilt The plague of modern society is the energies of shame, judgment and guilt. They shut us down and cause us to project onto others. When you give ourselves permission to feel all of what you are feeling without running blaming. Or covering it up with other feelings. You allow the emotions to […]

We have come to the age of Aquarius where information is everywhere, truth is freely found, and awareness of God as the source of All Things is becoming more commonplace. With this new age comes a duality in which misinformation, self-doubt, and fear can be seen alongside hope, connection, and truth. This blog post will […]

The work we are here to do is to not only give but to receive. Stepping out of the separation and seeing that we are all God with no divide, All Divine. Karma is the glue that pulls us back into the body so that we engage in the experience, to remember. Remember there is […]

Contemplating duality in life is one of the trapping of this world. That is because duality is black and white and what we are are many shades of gray. As a healer, as a teacher, as a community leader, as a father, and as a partner how do I/we continue to hold space for our […]

Spirit is here these days, Bringing all shadows up to reunite with the light in different ways. Some lessons soft some lesson hard But all are meant to spark our hearts Casting blame or dumping weight on others does not help, but to avoid the truths. The truths of needing to stand in a brighter, […]

This website is dedicated to the awareness and understanding of life and the spiritual energies that vibrate our physical reality. To bring methods and tools to all that are ready to receive healing, gain personal empowerment, and external prosperity.  Every being deserves joy, happiness, health and prosperity. Yogi Bhajan says that poverty is a mental […]

Yoga and Shamanism are one in the same.  Both are ways of diving deep within the self allowing one to connect to the source of all life. Yoga is a technology used to align the body, open & focus the three minds, and connect the energies within, with those outside and around us. Similarly shamanism […]