My Values & Beliefs

I am Driven and Dedicated to Personal and Spiritual Growth

I have dedicated my life to deeply and wholly love the self.  It is the Energy I can into life with. Tej Shiva is the spiritual name I was given. A true expression of my energy. The Auric light of god which transmutes the darkness into fertile life force. I was born into my family as the black sheep the one who was just different and had to walk to his own drum. Being the whipping post for the family traumas, I had much i had to climb through and shed. From this I gained a greater understanding energy, interpersonal relationship and social and familial constructs. I have learned that true happiness comes from within. Living a Life for anyone else but your own heart will only lead to misery and despair. I have taken all of these experiences, dedication my life to the healing arts and the liberation of consciousness. Learning and sharing modalities in the healing and esoteric arts of our past and future. Being a conduit of love transmission and space holding for all to find their Truest and most Authentic Selves. Working diligently to cut through the densities of the human condition and liberate the Soul from the cycles of suffering in which we incarnate in to as a tool to remember our source energies.  

Connecting Past and Future to unlock the Present I am Inspired by Life

I have spent the last decade studying the Shamanic ways of our Native Indigenous and Pagan roots, combining this deep wisdom with the Vedic Spiritual knowledge and traditions of Thailand and India. I have developed a deep and grounded understanding of how the Mind Body Spirit works as well as how to effectively move energy through to bring relief and lasting harmony to this trinity.  I have found that this was not enough, as we are in a new age and different spaces, I have channeled ways of using the essence of these teachings while applying them to our current paradigm in relationship to where the world is shifting to. In this last decade of my life on this earth i have been walking the red road. The red road is that of the indigenous way of life. understanding and embodiment of the heart. that i am just one of the greater whole. In this i have spend years activating the Medicine wheel to balance the 5 elements as well as the 4 seasons of life. Gaining much insight of how these realms work, I have dedicated my life to sharing these teachings and helping my clients embody these wisdom’s to life there fullest life.

I am Deeply Rooted in the Cycles of Life and the Flow of Love.

At our Physical Root we are Natural beings, Being moved by the cycles of the moon and the alignment of the planets.  Influenced deeply by the seasons and the Earthly realms of mineral and animal, and I so love to honor and share this awareness.  We all want to think that we are in control of our lives but the truth is we are truly just being moved around by the energies of the cosmos.  Like actors in a play there is a story line for all of us to play out. While we all can improvise a bit, having full control in how we react to each scene we are being driven by forces greater than us.  This is the Duality of the self Earth and Spirit incarnated in life. One of my biggest Passions is to help all understand these energy, teaching and sharing the tools so that we can all ride the waves of life rather than being pushed around by the flow.  Understanding this allows for space of deep loving awareness for your fellow brothers and sister of the earth realm and will provide a deeper connection with the self. For these reasons I have co-established an Earth based indigenous Church, Healing, Retreat and Educational Center situated on 84 Pristine alive land in Lapeer Michigan. Thousand Suns CME inc.  See link below  

I am a Powerful Manifester and Creative Influence

From a child I was always dreaming and doing.  Connecting both worlds and putting Spirit into action.  I have Learned to Harness the creative life force, we all have access to, in order to draw in what I wanted for my life.  At a young age I knew that I was destined for more than the mundane. Being a Free Spirit, a Creative Mind, and an Open Heart I learned through life that sitting at a desk or working for someone else was hindering to my energy.  I have learned to step out of the box, trusting Spirit to guide and support me as I trudged my new path like the Buffalo through the snow, creating freedom and movement for my life and energy. Shamanic Yogi is my gift to all that are ready to break free from the mundane, those who want to harness their Power and Manifest their Purest dreams and desires. We all have our own heart beat, our own rhythm to dance to. My Dream is that everyone follows there own beat and my offerings are the tools and teaching which allow everyone who is ready to conjure their personal connection to self and express it to their fullest potential

I am a Rebel to Dogma, The Box does not Exist in My Paradigm

There is an energy that flows through me that is Truly Authentic.  From day one. my parents told me I danced to the beat of my own drum.  Needing to Touch the Flame to make sure that it was hot was my truest path.  A method of shifting Paradigms and creating clearer realities. This was not always received well.  I remember my mom asking me why could I not just be like everyone else. Play the game of Keeping up with the Joneses.  I have to say for a while I was depressed as I gave my power away, wondering where I fit in, in a society of followers with the Spirit of a free thinker.  Watching how people would project and judge. Well these experiences offered me depth of empathy, understanding, and conjured immense character for me to hone my talents as gifts for those who may be feeling the same way but need direction to find their way. Through My second and third vision quest I came understand the emotional and mental bodies. Seeing we are the creators of the reality around us and how we respond to life, in relationship to how we feel about our selves will directly affect how we are being received by the world. As I have learned there is not one way and every one has their own true and authentic path that must be honored and celebrated.

I am Passionate about Guiding All who are Ready to Their Garden of Greatness.

The second part of my life has been a gift to Spirit and the Planet as a whole. Through the cycles of Birth and Death, Limits and Liberation. I have found myself in an open space of Gratitude.  I found myself with an opportunity to give back to the world in a great way. Offering the esoteric knowledge and my experiences and a compass for all who want to liberate from the cycles of suffering,  let go of the stories that hold them back and tap into the limitless love, light, and creative flow. Becoming Leaders for the Aquarian age. Offering true freedom from Self Judgement and Created Limitations, offering a Mirror for all to see the Harmony between Masculine Drive and Feminine Flow.

My Approach

My approach to all of my Healing and Mentoring work is simple. To mirror the light of my clients back to them. To be a reflection of all that is possible and alive inside them. Being integritous with the way I walk and live my life. With authenticity and humility. Knowing I am far from perfect, yet perfectly expressing my truth, I am able to hold a container of compassion, discipline, direction and reflection. In this Space all distortions can come to light and be cleared compassionately. From here I hold space for the container to manifest, allowing the client to step forward into their True & Authentic, Radiant Body. For there is no healing which needs to be done.  For the healer is merely a guide to show a way for the client to tap into and embody their wholeness. Remembering who they truly are. I work to empower my clients so they are able to run towards their goals with open arms and a Courageous Heart. 

Working with Both the Masculine and Feminine Divine Energies in Harmony. Finding internal balance, harmonizing our expression of energy with the engagement of the world around us.  I like to create a foundation and a road map “Masculine Divine Energy” to where my client wants to be, and then allow the trust in their own Feminine divine to manifest it in to reality.  When you can project a clear vision and trust that it will be, you let go of worries and allow the space to be filled with your highest truth. From This Staying steady in your personal practices will guarantee success in your path.

In doing so this new understanding allows so much more freedom for the client to grow and flourish. The Days of shame, guilt, judgement, and blame are over. For the Liberated soul has no place for these emotions.

Dive deeper into my story…

My life has been and continues to be such a blessing to experience.  Immense Gratitude radiates from my heart for the experiences I have had and the knowledge I have gained.  Like I stated earlier I was such a powerful creative force of energy from the moment I was birthed into this world.  But light to some can be intimidating when you cause others shadow to be cast in a clearer form. Like most children sent here to shift paradigms and create a new world of love I was labeled a black sheep.  Over the years with compiling oppressive energies without being given the tools to succeed, or shown shown unconditional love for being the authentic me, I shut down. I ran away, first emotionally and then literally.  I tried to commit suicide, which triggered deep ties to my mom past, as her brother Patrick committed suicide. I was still throughout it all, in the back of my mind worried about what my family was to think when I was gone.  Still carrying the weight of their judgement, especially my dads.

I was highly intelligent and a talented athlete but these pursuits did not move my soul.  You see, all growing up all I wanted to do was create, play, and move. In high school I had dreams of going to art school.  I was struggling to find my voice and place in the world, but what I did know is I want to create and inspire through my Art.  It was the one outlet that I felt truly alive. You see this my dad was always at my sporting events in the stands intimidating me, with is drive for me to be better.  This caused me so much fear and anxiety that it lost the fun, but with art my dad never approved so even though I was self critical with his voice playing in my head I had space to breath a bit when i was in my space drawing and creating.

I finished school and set off to New York City to attend the School of Visual Arts.  Being moved by the creative energy of life and inspired by the city. I was so ready for something new.   

When I got to New York I was overwhelmed and intimidated but still determined.  Things shifted when I was talking to my Dad and he placed so much fear into me. My dad asked told me i made a million Dollars last year can you do that making art?  Mind you I love my family and my father so much, and appreciate them for all they have done for me consciously and unconsciously as it has made me the person I am today.  The pain that they passed to me was passed to them and I have so much compassion for them and love in my heart now, and appreciate the energies as fuel for my Phoenix rising. but this would take me into my early thirties to fully understand and embody.  You see I started to check out in art school smoking cannabis as a crutch and conduit to escape the pain and avoid transmuting it. I was not ready to face the world and played the victim for a long with self sabotaging and blaming. I was out of my power and blaming the world for it working a job that I was good at but i hated, self medicating because I gave into fear and was comfortably numb walking a path that was not my soul’s path for energies outside myself.  Miserably lost with no faith or direction i could not go any further in this path i hit my tipping point where i was potentially going to kill my self if I did not change this cycle. I was in my Saturn returns and I took a leap. I quit my job sold my house and when to find myself.

I met a friend and spiritual brother and destiny thread that turned me on to the spiritual path.  My heart was a live. I jumped head first down the rabbit hole. Working with sacred plants and psychedelic medicines, practicing yoga and meditation.  Being pushed to teach, but having resistance in my mind about it as I was always so shy in the areas of reading and public speaking in school.

Going through teacher Training was so healing yet i still was in my pain body, whose identity was strong in my body.  Old stories over powering the new. Even though people would see me for my truest potential the Ego was still latching onto the old victim hood identity. You see even though my soul was turned on my pain body was still deeply alive in my being.  I was still avoiding total happiness by sabotaging my forward movement.

For the past 9 years I had been working with Medicine elders in traditional healing rituals from our ancestral pasts.  I decided to take a pilgrimage south working deeper with plants and study with the intact native culture of the Shipibo people in the San Francisco area in the Jungles of Peru.

I sent the next 7 years of my life training under these traditions learning how to diet and commune with plant spirits, interpret dreams from a deep spiritual space.

This work gave me a deep understanding and awareness of energy. How it is transferred  through each interaction we have, with the clothes we wear, the programing we take in through media and our environment,  and the states of mind we hold. I learned out to Process energy for myself and others. Able to shift emotional and mental states of being.  This work was super profound and I have immense gratitude to the plants and teachers who helped level up in these ways.

While studying these reach healing modalities of our indigenous elders and ancestors, I was concurrently expanding my studying and practices in the eastern healing Thai Ayurvedic and Indian Yogic traditions.  Learning from intact traditions directly under masters, still connected to the source of this knowledge. Learning Tradition holistic And somatic ways to diagnose and heal others through observation, dialogue, deep listening , and hands on healing.  These practices found me enrolled in a Dr. of Spiritual and Natural Medicines program, Helping bring me into a profound understanding of the Spiritual and Natural worlds in the realms of Healing and holistic life styles.

Through this Journey I have Gained certifications in Wellness and Soul Coaching, energy healing modalities of Reiki, Medtronic Attunements, and Theta Healing, I have over 1000 Hours of Training in the Yogic arts focusing on somatic embodiment practices and spiritual liberation. Kundalini yoga is a huge resource of liberation technology which has been used for thousands of years to free the people. I have Developed a Deep Personal practice which helps me stay centered and focused on where I want to take my life and direct my gifts and talents.

It was through this deep focused study and practice of personal discipline that I came to the awareness of the roots of my self sabotage.  I realized that for a very long time I equated being in my power and shining my light with having love withheld from me. The sabotage was a protection from pain for me.  This awareness was liberating to me. It shifted so much energy for me.

I learned to surrender to the Divine Feminine Energy of support and love,  Truly leading with my heart, and listening to my gut.

Helping shape me into the healer and space holder I am now.  Allowing me to see all things as guides and teachers, helping my clients to rewrite their stories.  We all have stories and we all have pain, to the ego its pain and stories are worse than other peoples.  It is not our place to judge others or ourselves but to hold space for all to find their way home. For this reason, Like I stated above we have created and Church / Ashram / Healing and Retreat Center known as Thousand Suns CME Inc. I have been Walking with Native elders and indigenous teachers for almost 10 years humbly learning the traditional ceremonies and practice of what has worked for thousands of years to allow harmony between the Physical and spiritual worlds. Bringing these teachings into my client work as well as into the my teachings and community offerings so that all have access to the understanding of self liberation surrender harmony and spiritual expression.  Developing a school both on the land in online for all to deepen their engagement with their highest self, the land, and spirit.