Offering a Deep Dive into unlocking your highest potential and finding your authentic self.

Patrick’s Personalized Mentorship to Liberate, Deprogram, & Reintegrate your Sovereignty. Includes the Following:

Three Month Program Includes the Following:

Sacred Portal to Your Future Self

Together we will create a Portal to your highest and most authentic self, working weekly to anchor in this version of your self so that all actions and energies you engage in project through this reality.

Weekly 60 Minute Coaching Calls

Every week we will step into sacred space together, tune in to what may be arising and make a blueprint for forward movement for the reminder of the week.  all sessions will be recorded for you to have fr future exploration

24/7 Personal Access

When working with me, I am there for you 24/7 with unlimited weekly access through text or audio messenger for support celebration and accountability check ins.

Fully Personalized Blueprint for Success

Personalized programs and home play to leap your way forward into your truest and clearest reality.  Everyone is different with learning styles and personal needs.  Patrick works diligently to meet everyone of his clients where they are at and create a successful experience to improve his clients personal power, focus, discipline, as well as trust in the flow and organic ever changing process.

Realistic Goal Setting that Empowers the Client

As stated above, Patrick works with each client to create realistic goals, that empowers the client in feeling confident in their new true self.  One of the Biggest Keys to success is knowing your Person power and projecting through it with every thing you do.  Patrick works with each Client to deprogram old paradigms of thought and take life on through the eyes of a victor.  To do so it helps to have many micro accomplishments and celebrations to empower your being.

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

You are more powerful than you realize, and the life that you want can be yours when you are ready to step into it

You have the power to liberate your pain and let it be fuel to experience life in its glory and abundance.

Your past affects your present experience which will ultimately craft your future reality.

I am here to empower you to rewrite the stories of your past so you may transmute your pain into power.

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes to soar to endless heights

Opening up infinite possibilities in the present moment, drawing in all of your wildest dreams into reality.

Whether you want to create change in your Physical, Mental, Emotional, Relationships or Spiritual Life, all that you want is there waiting for you to create the space and step in to this place of happiness.

I am inviting you to align yourself with your infinite power and lets make your wildest dreams your reality.

The universe is an infinite place… every moment there are infinite possibilities and opportunities waiting for you say yes to.

About Shamanic Yogi

Hi, I am Patrick!

Spending the last decade training in the Yogic Arts and in the ancient ways of the Indigenous Shamanic and Medicine paths. I have dedicated my life to learning ways to heal and love the self in order to liberate the soul from the cycles of suffering.  Providing a mirror and a blueprint for all who are ready to step out of the stories and stagnant energies that limit ones reality. Showing my clients a way of life that is levels above where they were before or were they ever thought they could be.

A harmonious balance of Masculine and Feminine Energy, I work diligently daily to hone into my highest potential while still loving all of my humanness that still comes up.  These balance of infinite and identity gives me the capability to hold space for my clients to be vulnerable and real while being able to strive for the stars and reach them in real time.

I am highly driven intuitive seer, creative healer, and powerful space holder committed to providing space for my clients to sit with their pain and stories, be real with their past, and see their beginnings through new eyes. Offering them the opportunity and support to step out of the shadows of their past by offering them a mirror for their light to shine around them, so they may embody their limitless potential, Removing the mask of suffering and victim hood to find the true and authentic leader inside the self.

My approach to all of my Healing and Mentoring work is simple.  to mirror the light of my clients back to them.  To be a reflection of all that is possible and alive inside them. From there I hold space for the container to manifest, allowing the client to step forward into their true and authentic, Radiant body. For the healer is merely a guide to show a way for the client to heal them selves. I work to empower my clients so they are able to run towards their goals with open arms and a Courageous Heart.

Working with Both the Masculine and Feminine Divine Energies in Harmony.  I like to create a foundation and a road map to where my client wants to be, and then allow the Feminine divine to manifest it in to reality.  When you can project a clear vision and trust that it will be you let go of worries and allow the space to be filled with your highest truth.

I doing so This new understanding allows so much more freedom for the client to grow and flourish.

Are You Ready to Say Yes to a Life of Limitless Potential and Opportunities?

This Mentorship Program is for you if…

You have felt that the World is so much more than the mundane.

Many people in their lives have felt that the typical American lifestyle goes against our human nature, yet they don’t quite have the tools and the know how to step out of this paradigm.  Working within the Shamanic Yogi platform this becomes a reality.

You have wanted to learn to communicate and engage in real time with the world around you

Many people are awakening to the interconnection of all life and energies in the cosmos.  The entire Universe can be there for you and your success.  In real time able to communicate with you to guide your way to success and happiness.  working with Shamanic Yogi you will gain tools to harness this ability to plug into this interconnection.

You are ready to be the courageous creative inspiring presence that you have always known you were to be.

Working in a Mentorship program gives you the support to tap into your highest potential.

You are ready to step towards the spaces of fear to liberate your reality to find infinite opportunity

I have learned in life the things that give us Anxiety and Fear are the things which we are to run towards for our souls development.  Overcoming our Fears gives us the Personal Power to take on anything life brings our way.  in this Program we will work you cut through your Fears in a safe and affective way.

You are ready to be free of physical mental and emotional limitations that have been stopping you from being your true and authentic self

The mind is a powerful tool which can be used for amazing feats.  That being said it can also place us in a box hold us back or cause disruptions in the body.  working in this Mentorship Program you will gain the tools to see the patterning of your mind and move through it with grace

You are ready to take off the mask of pain and be seen in your light.

We all have a pain body which masks our light at times.  By saying yes to your highest self and this program you stepping into your power to remove the mask that limits your ability to be truly seen on a deep and authentic level.

The universe is an infinite place and you are a mirror of the universe.

Governed by Tantric Law which states you get back what you put out.

You Receive what you Believe.

All the Knowledge that there ever will, be has always been, and will always be available for your engagement if you can open your heart to the vibration of love.


Remember, ALL possibilities exist in the present moment and all are available to you Now!!

Like a radio You just have to Tune yourself to the frequencies you want to receive and adjust and be conscious of the frequencies you put out.


The Discovery Call To action!!

With this Call you will receive:

A full 60 minutes of personalized coaching with me.

A Deep Dive into the Portal of the Sacred Heart Space to tap into what moves you and create a path to where you want to be


  • We begin with a drop in, a short meditation to ground the energy.
  • Orienting to your True and Authentic Self.
  • Aligning with goals and dreams
  • Transcending the Limiting belief systems.
  • Finding the destiny thread of support
  • speaking about what it looks like to work together in a 1:1 Container.

From here we will decide together if it’s in our best interest to continue to work with one another for this massively transformational 3 months.

If you are feeling a Guided Commitment…

Let’s Do This!