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welcome to shamanic yogi

Shamanic Yogi, a Portal to higher consciousness.  A way of being, a Total Lifestyle Leveling up.  Through a deep reverence & connection to the Spirit and Essence of the timeless truths presented in a way for this Potent time we have found ourselves incarnated in Now.

The Driving Force of Shamanic Yogi is true Liberation from the Cycles of Pain, Cutting through the Dogmatic and Oppressive Thinking of the Piscean Age, to Empower the Soul Body, and Create Leaders for the Aquarian Age.

When you Decide to Work with Shamanic Yogi you will strangthen the Powerful Connection to the Sat Guru inside you Activating your Heart Chakra and your ability to tune into your Gut brain and your ability to Feel what is right for you.  You take Back your Sovereign Rights and Power to Create. Transmuting the layers of pain, removing the mask of delusion, moving this energy back into the heart as Pranic fuel for flight. Activating your ability to be a Leader and a Lighthouse for the Aquarian Age and Beyond.

(Take the Path to Liberation and Leadership)